Opening a bed and breakfast has been my dream for years. Suddenly that dream comes true. I really enjoy making a small contribution so that my guests have a good time. Even if it is just a chat, some information, provide a nice breakfast and of course ensure that the b&b is clean and fully furnished.

A bed and breakfast is a bit more personal than a hotel. I really like the personal contact.

It took a lot of patience to finally be able to start the renovation, to build one room as a bed and breakfast. The renovation also took a lot of time, but with every renovation there must always be something against it. Fortunately, we got everything done in time for the first guests, although it was exciting to see if that would work. It looked like a broadcast on television, the floor was finished in the morning and the first guests arrived in the afternoon. Apart from some small things that were not finished, we were still able to open on October 21, 2022.

I've been working successfully for several months now, I'm very happy with the choice to do this. After almost 30 years in paid employment, which I really did not enjoy anymore. I do know that having a b&b is what I really like.

I also really enjoy the area in which we live. Close to the station, you can go in all directions by both bus and train. Close to the center of Emmen, with a nice shopping center and of course Wildlands. I am a fanatical walker and you can walk in all directions from our house, the environment is very varied. I am therefore convinced that this is a perfect place for a room with breakfast.